Cattabriga & MEC3 Demo


Fabtech gathered guests from the hotel and restaurant industry for the Cattabriga & MEC3 Demo together with Gruppo Dolci and Auro Chocolate held last May 22 and 23.

Participants witnessed the gelato-making process using the EFFE and the Compacta VariO product line from our partner Cattabriga.

For years, Cattabriga has made its name for producing high quality artisanal gelato. It paved the way for businesses and gelato makers to let their customers appreciate not just the taste, but the process behind each finely crafted gelato as well.

05 Claudio.jpg

Claudio Pinto also demonstrated the versatility of MEC3 products, especially in developing dessert recipes such as gelato, macarons, and pastries.

Guests enjoyed an afternoon filled with new learnings and delicious sweets featuring ingredients from MEC3 and Auro Chocolate. See full menu here.


1st Grand Skills Competition


Selected students from various college institutions were gathered to test their skills in table setting, wedding cake decoration, and food photography. Fabtech set up a booth with Gruppo Dolci and Auro Chocolate to give away macarons and chocolate for students, coaches, judges, and other guests to enjoy.